Branded Hardware

The biggest decision you will make when you put your business online is which Web Hosting company to trust with your web site. The performance, availability and success of your web site largely depends on your provider’s expertise, network infrastructure,branded hardware, server monitoring and service level.

To provide you with the most reliable service, we limit the number of sites per server. Low server utilization ensures that your site will always have all of the resources it needs.

  • DELL PowerEdge and HP ProLiant Servers
  • Designed specifically for Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability
  • 100% Intel server-grade CPUs, Chipsets and NICs
  • 100% High Performance DDR2 RAM
  • High Performance Serial ATA or SCSI Storage
  • Hardware RAID Controllers
  • Hot Swap SCSI Storage Devices
  • Hot Swap Power Supplies
  • Server and Environment Monitoring

The memory, disk space, CPU temperatures and many more performance counters and capacities of our servers are monitored around the clock, and expanded as the need arises. The same automatic monitoring also keeps a constant watch on all processes running on the system to minimize the risk of any single site pulling the entire server down.